KDM5-C70, JARID1 Histone Demethylases Inhibitor


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S0006-0.620 10 mM in DMSO (0.620 mL) ¥139
S0006-2 2mg solid ¥139


Biological Activity:

KDM5-C70 is an ethyl ester derivative of KDM5-C49, which is a potent and selective inhibitor of Jumonji AT-Rich Interactive Domain 1 (JARID1) histone demethylases. The highly polar carboxylate group of KDM5-C49 restricts its cellular permeability; therefore KDM5-C70 was developed as a pro-drug, masking the polarity of the acid group of the KDM5-C49, for cellular assays and in vivo use. KDM5-C70 increases H3K4me3 levels in myeloma cells. Treatment of MCF7 and MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells with KDM5-C70 significantly increased global levels of H3K4me3 while having little impact on H3K4me2/me1 or modifications regulated by other histone lysine demethylases.

How to Use:

In vitro: KDM5-C70 was used at 1-10 μM in vitro and cellular assays.
In vivo: possible use for in vivo study (IP dosing 15-50 mg/kg, bid)

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