RS-1, CRISPR Editing Enhancer


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RS-1was previously characterized as a RAD51-Stimulatory compound and now found to be an HDR enhancer to enhance CRISPR/Cas9- and TALEN-mediated knock-in efficiency. It increases the knock-in efficiency by two- to five-fold at different loci, whereas NHEJ inhibitor SCR7 has minimal effects. RS-1 was applied for animal production and have achieved multifold improvement on the knock-in rates as well. RS-1 can stimulate the human homologous recombination protein RAD51in various conditions. In PC3 prostate cancer cells, RS-1–induced lethality was accompanied by the formation of microscopically visible RAD51 nuclear protein foci occurring in the absence of any DNA-damaging treatment. Treatment with RS-1 promoted significant antitumor responses in a mouse model.

How to Use:

In vitro: RS-1 was used at 15 μM final concentration in TALEN- or Cas9-mediated knock-in experiments.
In vivo: RS-1 was used at 7.5?μM for the in vivo knock-in animal production. RS-1 can be dosed to animal by IP injection at 110 mg/Kg once per day to get antitumor responses.

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